About Synchrocare

Since being incorporated in 2005, Synchrocare has remained sharply focused on meeting the needs of physicians and their patients by bringing high quality innovative devices and solutions to its healthcare facilities, professionals, and patients they serve.

As a highly responsive company, Synchrocare will continue to be a leading innovator, solution-driven company developer, and marketer of specialty medical devices, surgical implants, and solutions that will benefit the medical arena and the patients it serves.

Our success at Synchrocare is driven by the ability to deliver innovative, quality products and solutions focused on improving patient outcomes, and offer technically advanced, simple and cost-effective solutions for physicians, hospitals and patients.

Synchrocare Commitment

Synchrocare is committed to maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of its business affairs. The company’s reputation depends on its contractors, Synchrocare Sales Consultants and employees’ honesty, integrity and unquestionable ethical standards. The company will always strive to select manufacturers that will maintain a level of corporate compliance that will ensure Synchrocare is adequately addressing issues within the medical community.

Corporate compliance for Synchrocare means both Synchrocare and the manufacturers it picks will adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies relating to standards of conduct that may affect the company’s business operations or public image.

  • Synchrocare Mission

    Synchrocare aims to improve the lives of patients, families, and healthcare providers by offering high quality, cost effective medical devices for procedures.

  • Synchrocare Service Promise

    Incorporated in 2005, Synchrocare aims to improve the lives of patients, families, and healthcare providers by offering high quality, cost effective medical devices and services. Synchrocare is committed to providing excellent service and operates with regulatory and compliance issues, quality, and education in mind.

  • Regulatory & Compliance

    The ongoing success of Synchrocare depends on conducting business with the highest integrity and within industry guidelines.  We are committed to operating our business with the highest standard of ethics because we believe it is what is right for our employees, independent contractors, customers and our business.

  • Synchrocare Quality Commitment

    We employ strict quality guidelines to ensure all of the products we distribute are manufactured to the highest standards. Synchrocare strives to offer cutting edge, technologically advanced products that provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

  • Synchrocare Education Commitment

    Synchrocare recognizes the importance of educating all who use the products we distribute.  We are committed to ensuring all users of Synchrocare products are comfortable, familiar, and capable of utilizing our instruments and implants.  Trained in all aspects of these brands, our staff is able to consult on and assist with all of your clinical needs. With strong product and surgical knowledge, we are confident our Synchrocare Sales Consultants will provide the support needed for a positive outcome.